Spectrum Analysis of Sound 2


  • This simulation analyzes the sound around you and displays it as a spectrum.
  • The simulation works by recognizing the surrounding sounds.
  • In the case of PC, please grant permission to use the microphone.
  • Voice data is not stored on servers, etc. Privacy Statement
  • Sample music: Straight Fuse • French Fuse (Free copyright)

We listen to the orchestra and categorize the instruments used in real-time.

Listening to orchestral music and categorizing instruments in real-time is quite challenging. This is because orchestral music is made up of a combination of various instruments. For example, orchestral music comprises multiple instruments such as violin, piano, cello, drums, and bass.

To classify instruments in orchestral music in real-time, the music signal is converted into the frequency domain. And the frequency band generated by each instrument is found, and the instruments are classified based on this. This is a challenging task, and accuracy is also a significant factor.

However, we can listen to the orchestra and categorize the instruments in real-time. Our ear mainly uses the Fourier Transform to collect sound frequency information.(More precisely, it is not the 'ear', but rather the function of the 'brain' that analyzes the information collected by the ears.) And the collected sound frequency information makes it possible to recognize the instruments.