Photoelectric Effect Simulation

Photoelectric Effect Experiment

Photoelectric Effect The photoelectric effect is the phenomenon that the electrons pop out when a light beam incident on a metal surface. It can be thought that the energy of light is transformed into the form of electrical energy. However, … more

Firework Simulation


Flame test The flame test is mainly caused by metallic elements contained in the material. And, the same reaction occurs when it exists as a pure substance as well as when it is chemically bonded to another substance. The principle … more

Flame Test Simulation

Flame Test

* This simulation take the spectral data from NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS AND TECHNOLOGY. When heat is applied to the atoms, some electrons can have high energy levels and fall to the lower levels. Some electrons emit as much energy … more

Quantum of Light

Quantum of Light

This simulation assumed that a candle emits all its energy in only one specific wavelength. The power of the candle is assumed to be 50W. The emitted wave diagram is for understanding only and does not represent the actual wavelength … more