Graph of Charle's Law

Graph of Charle’s Law

Charle’s Law Charle’s Law In 1787, French scientist Charle (1746-1823) revealed that increasing the temperature of a gas by 1℃ at constant pressure increases the volume of the gas by 1/273 of the volume at 0℃. This is called Charle’s … more

Avogadro's Law

Avogadro’s Law

Avogadro’s Law The Italian scientist Avogadro (1776-1856) introduced the molecules’ concept to explain gases’ reactions. According to his theory, the volume of any gas at the same temperature and pressure is proportional to the molecules’ number. In other words, regardless … more

Boyle's J Tube

Boyle’s J Tube

Boyle’s J-tube experiment Boyle’s J-tube experiment is an experiment that Boyle did to prove his law. Boyle experimented with pouring mercury into a J-shaped glass tube with one side blocked. At first, the heights of mercury are equal to each … more