Newton's Cradle

Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s cradle Newton’s cradle consists of five iron balls, each hanging on two threads to prevent the ball from spinning. Originally Newton’s cradle was created to demonstrate Newton’s third law. If you collide a ball from one side, the exact … more

Impulse Simulation


momentum Moving or rotating objects have momentum. Momentum is a numerical representation of the motion of an object. The momentum of an object that is moving linearly can be calculated by multiplying the object’s mass and velocity. momentum = mass … more



Collision of two balls of different mass 1. What happens if you throw a light ball towards a heavy ball? Just like a basketball ball bounces on the surface of large earth, the light ball bounces. This is easy to … more

Slingshot Effect

Gravity Assist

Run Gravity Assisted Navigation-How to increase the speed of a spacecraft using the moon’s gravity A method of increasing speed using the celestial body’s gravity as the spacecraft moves around a moving object is called ‘Gravity Assist Navigation.’ This navigation … more