Micro:bit Ultrasonic Distance sensor (HC-SR04P)

Micro:bit Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Ultrasonic rangefinder This sensor measures distance using the return time after ultrasonic waves are emitted. Please use the HC-SR04P (or HC-SR04+) sensor for 3V and 5V. Please note that 5V-only HC-SR04 will not operate. Connect the sensor’s Trig terminal to … more


Micro:bit Maqueen robot code collection

Evasive maneuver (using distance sensor) Marqueen avoids walls or obstacles it encounters during its progress(< 20 cm). Source code https://makecode.microbit.org/#pub:75200-46487-20442-48437 Line tracker Line tracker – source code https://makecode.microbit.org/#pub:25457-13297-31811-64902 Black barrier Black barrier – source code https://makecode.microbit.org/#pub:28206-29997-02800-36929 Wireless control Wireless control ... more

Micro:bit Wireless Voltmeter

Micro:bit Wireless Voltmeter

You can measure the voltages between 0 and 16.5V with micro:bit. The voltmeter must be supplied with 5V USB power. Do not measure excessively high voltages. It can damage the micro:bit. If the voltmeter terminal is not connected, a random … more