Lorentzs Force (Electromagnetic swing)


Direction of the Lorentz force

When a current flows through a conductor placed in a magnetic field, the conductor is forced to move. The direction of this force is perpendicular to the current and the magnetic field.

More precisely, we can find out below.
1. Let’s open your right hand.
2. Match the direction of your fingers with the direction of the magnetic field.
3. Match your thumb with the direction of the current.
4. At this time, the direction out of the palm is the direction of the force.

The strength of the Lorentz force

Lorentz force is proportional to the strength of the current and the surrounding magnetic field. If the direction of the current is perpendicular to the magnetic field, it is the strongest. If the direction of the current is parallel to the magnetic field, the Lorentz force is zero.