Multi Alarm Program

Enter the hour and minute as text, and then the alarm will work automatically at that time.

Edit (hour, minute, chime number) Setting result

  1. If you enter the alarm schedule line by line in the yellow notepad, you can view the setting status in the green notepad.
  2. Enter the hour, minute, and chime number for the alarm to sound one line at a time, separated by commas.
  3. The time is the 24-hour system without distinction between AM and PM. (0,0 to 23,59)
  4. After entering, be sure to check the setting results.
  5. Any device that has a web browser and audio output terminal will work.
  6. Make sure the device is out of sleep mode before use. (If the device enters sleep mode, the program will naturally stop.)
  7. This program runs in the background, even if it is not the active tab. (You can do other things in different tabs of the web browser)
  8. Once editing is complete, please save it as a URL. If you do not save, the data will be lost when you refresh the browser.
  9. Chime source :